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Search Farm and Ranches For Sale In and Around the San Antonio Hill Country Texas Simple select your area and preferred criteria and begin your search. [spatialmatch_map id=10 width=100% height=650] [listings market=”sabor” listingType=”farm” pageSize=”15″ grid_size=”3″ sortfield=”listingDate” sortorder=”desc” map=”1″ pagination=”1″ search_widget=”1″] Prefer to have an agent Search Farm and Ranches for Sale for you? Call Marge Cid 

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Take a look at Home Sales Activity and demographic information in the maps below.  Check the Advanced Options button to narrow down your search.   [recent_sales market=”sabor” polygon=”$cf5c594d22257fc8b5741d50f5ab0c2d|$caf49afd63c04e2e4d369207b58a7b69″ polynames=”San Antonio|Boerne” days=”45″ sortfield=”saledate” sortorder=”desc”] Home Sales Activity – Interactive Map [spatialmatch_map id=33 width=100% height=650]   NOTE:  Because Texas is a Non-Disclosure state, detailed sale price information is

Requesting a CMA Report – Find Home Value

Why is Requesting a CMA Report Important? Requesting a CMA Report is the first step in determining the value of a home with our real estate services in Boerne, TX.  A CMA, or a Comparative Market Analysis, is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (called comparables or comps) that are near a home that you want

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Request a Free Home Evaluation by a Real Estate Professional for any property in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.        Read more information about the importance and value of a CMA Report.   Call now to ask questions or request a Free Home Evaluation 210-380-7947